Monday, 14 April 2008

1st Crush

Finally got round to doing a layout dedicated to Lanas BIG BIG crush on Troy (High School Musical), did start it at the crop I went to on Saturday but didn't like it so did it again tonight....

Those AC velvet alphas have got to be the worst ever, they don't even stick properly GRRRRR!!! In the end I had to use my friend 'Anita' worked a treat :-D

Made myself an album last night out of mountboard,just got to finish decorating the cover,just gonna use it for when I go to crops,never take my albums and you can guarantee that the layouts I do (if any)get bent :-(

Did a little online shopping yesterday and nearly pee'd my pants when I clicked on one site,they had the new versions of MM tiny alphas in all the lovely new colours,so just got to wait for them to come now before I can play :-D

Alfie picked up his birthday presents from nanny and grandads yesterday,one of the presents was a Lightning McQueen quilt cover set,he asked me if I would put it on his bed when he was at nursery today, his actual words were...

'If you put my Lightning McQueen quilt cover on my bed,I will love you all day tomorrow'

How could I refuse an offer like that :-),hes all snuggled up fast asleep as I type.
Lana is still waking up a couple of times a night even if she has had her *special* medicine, shes not as bad as she was though,she just comes into our room for a quick hug and a kiss and then goes back to her bed,I can live with that :-)

Right Aero hot choc time me thinks :-D


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Anonymous said...

Tyler is gutted now, he has had his heart broken now! sniff!