Friday, 6 March 2015

Here Again!

Another week has passed, isn't this year flying!!
Preparations are in full swing here for Miss Ivys 2nd birthday next week (how did that happen??)
Presents have been brought and starting to arrive, we're going down the wooden kitchen and accessories route this year as they need to be robust here at No. 38!!

I brought her a lovely dress so obviously I needed to knit her a cardi to go with it didn't I? Well after much searching on Ravelry and not finding anything I liked I searched in my library (I always forget about looking in my library as once I've brought a pattern I automatically put it on my iPad) anyway I remembered buying this pattern about 6 months ago so I whipped it up.....

Espirit Tunic

Isn't it just the sweetest thing ever!!
Unfortunately it grew quite abit when I blocked it, even a stint in the dryer couldn't shrink it back and yes I've tried that before and it usually works but not this time but hey ho.

I'm also taking part in a KAL (knit along) on Ravelry for another gorgeous little knit

Which Ivy will be using for camping this year, yes you read that correctly, 7 of us in a tent for a week - mad or just bloody mad!!!

The other week I bribed the kids to sit together so I could get a new photo of them altogether, doesn't happen very often, the 2 older ones are usually doing their own thing, Islas out round her friends and the 2 youngest are usually  always causing chaos and destruction, I'm absolutely positive they're on some sort of tag team, taking it in turns to moan, whinge & mess the house up!!!
But don't they all look lovely here *love*..... even if Aaron is chewing on toast LOL!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Finished in February

Over on Instagram I set up a hashtag called #finishedinfebruary and lots of like-minded folk joined me in a complete 'yarn buying ban' until all those knitting & crochet WIPs were off the needles and hooks!!

This is what I finished....

And because I finished all those WIPs lingering in my basket I treated myself to some of the new Regia Arne & Carlos sock yarn *heart*

I literally can not wait to see how this knits up but if that picture on the wrapper is anything to go by its gonna be fab!!

Something else that happened this week is Lana got her braces off, we went to the dentist expecting them to be tightened and she greeted me with the biggest (braceless) smile :-) when she came back into the waiting room because obviously at the age of 13 she's grown up to go into the treatment room all by herself......Miss Independent!

Not bad after only having them on her teeth for 15 months, back Thursday to get her retainer, which she has informed me she will be wearing to keep her teeth straight.....good girl Lana.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lets Talk Project Life

I've been doing this *simple* memory keeping for a few years now but always fell behind,
then comes the overwhelming thought of having to play catch up.
The first album lasted until October (I started in August), the second I didn't get past February, I always wanted to add more, more, more but this year I've gone for a much more simple approach...


If I've only taken a handful of photos during the month (I do mine monthly) it doesn't matter, theres photos to go in the album for goodness sake, they may not be perfect but at least they're in there!!

So far, so good, heres January.....

I still need a photo for the first page of us altogether but I'm sure I will get one sometime during the  year.
Using a 6x8'' Studio Calico Handbook with various page protectors.
Februarys photos have been printed out and will be in the album by next weekend :-)

Starting Afresh.......

We'll ignore the fact that its been a VERRRRRY long time since I last blogged!!

2015 is the year I will blog more, been meaning to do it for ages but things keep getting in the way, mainly the kids who for some reason or another don't seem to be able to occupy themselves.

Anyway I hope you are all well and are finding this year ok so far, me you ask? Oh I'm fine, surviving the madness that is half-term, I'll be glad come Monday morning when normality kicks back in, I'll let them think I'm upset that they've gone back to school/nursery though when I drop them off.

So since I last blogged lots of things have been made with yarn, which makes me happy - far too many to name/show but the list includes cardis for Ivy & Aaron, hats, couple of shawls and get this people.....SOCKS!!!!

I *heart* knitting socks!!!
Says someone who said they would never knit socks.....

I think its the yarn, oh my goodness the yarn *hubba hubba*

Theres 4 pairs there, another pair finished and another pair on the needles. 
Just can't get enough and since a lovely overseas IG friend (craftycop) gifted me the 'Fish Lips Kiss Heels' pattern as its not available in the EU at the moment I just wanna make hundreds of pairs!!!!

Couple of more favourite knits so far of 2015 have been these..

Me rockin' this haha!

AKA 6 Colour (un)cashmere cowl LOL!!

Anyway, I think thats enough for one night, will be back later this week


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Catch Up Post

This post is just for you Rachel 

Where is this post gonna start, so much has happened in the last few months since I last posted...

Miss Ivy Bo was born at 37+5 weeks by emergency c-section as she had stopped moving (scary) After she was born I was told the placenta looked good but the cord had started to shred.
She weighed in at a tiny 5lbs 11ozs a slight difference to what Alfie weighed... 9lbs 14.5ozs
The same day she was born our lovely Jake (dog) suffered a massive heart attack, so had to have him put to sleep the following day :( 
All this happened on Keiths first day of training at his new job, but the company were great about it and gave him 2 weeks paid holiday instead of paternity.

So what else?
Oh yeah
The kids had a crazy hair day at school

What do they look like LOL

We've been on holiday, spent a week in a very hot St Ives

Grabbed a bargain in the Cath Kidston sale

Like I need a new bag haha. 
Couldn't resist this dress for Ivy though, had my eye on it for a while, cost me £11 in the end.

Still knitting & crocheting (will do a seperate post)...well I need something to blog about don't I, especially if I'm gonna get in to this blogging malarky again!
Heres just one thing I've made...

It was made for a 'Summertime Swap' on Instagram.
Talking of instagram, I've changed my name on there, its now @shemakesthings 

I've been cross stitching, haven't done it for years and years, very relaxing when the kids aren't 'mum can I have, mum can we do'. I've finished one kit and designed myself some Orla Kiely stems to do

As well as doing these things I've sorted this out

and I'm doing Project Life..... I know me scrappin' again and I'm enjoying it

Now I need to decide what to spend the housekeeping money on


Decisions, decisions LOL

Right thats me, if you did read this, leave me a comment to let me know


Monday, 4 March 2013

Another Blanket Finished

Made using the very gorgeous Sublime Baby Cashmerino.
The picot edging seemed to take ages....might of had something to do with the fact that there were over 600 stitches on each round.

- Posted using me iPhone :-)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blanket Frenzy

I've been busy hooking up blankets the last couple of weeks.
'Little Lady' now has 3 crochet blankets and another one on my needles. 

I started a granny for Lana using leftover Stylecraft ....I'm not keen on the colours but she likes it

And I started and finished one for the sofa. Usually I use the 'join as you go method' but this time I decided to make solid squares and slip stitch them together

A first for me and I enjoyed it so will probably do another one like it.

The countdown for 'little ladys' arrival has begun.... 5 weeks and counting. 

Section is booked for the 2nd April and I've decided to have my tubes tied at the same time, something the consultant seemed reluctant to agree too but I stood firm and he finally agreed...... no more little surprises for us....HOPEFULLY.

And finally I think I've become addicted to Instagram
I've been on there ages using it for the photo edits but never really delved into it until now.
My name is  SJP1977 if ya wanna follow me