Saturday, 23 February 2013

Blanket Frenzy

I've been busy hooking up blankets the last couple of weeks.
'Little Lady' now has 3 crochet blankets and another one on my needles. 

I started a granny for Lana using leftover Stylecraft ....I'm not keen on the colours but she likes it

And I started and finished one for the sofa. Usually I use the 'join as you go method' but this time I decided to make solid squares and slip stitch them together

A first for me and I enjoyed it so will probably do another one like it.

The countdown for 'little ladys' arrival has begun.... 5 weeks and counting. 

Section is booked for the 2nd April and I've decided to have my tubes tied at the same time, something the consultant seemed reluctant to agree too but I stood firm and he finally agreed...... no more little surprises for us....HOPEFULLY.

And finally I think I've become addicted to Instagram
I've been on there ages using it for the photo edits but never really delved into it until now.
My name is  SJP1977 if ya wanna follow me

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