Saturday, 19 April 2008


Isn't this word annoying??? Well it is if you have to listen to it everyday from your 3 year old son!
Every sentence that comes out of his mouth includes this word *wacko*
'Actually I feel like..'
'Actually its this..'
'It wasn't me,actually it was Isla'

Fingers crossed it won't last too much longer :-D

Did this layout to document this word..

Using just the stuff that was on my scrappy desk (breakfast bar LOL)

Its Alfies birthday this coming Wednesday and for weeks now I've heard as well as the word actually nothing but 'its my birthday tomorrow' I swear I'm gonna scream if I keep hearing it. I keep trying to explain its not for a few weeks but hes not having none of it.

Found the class that Shimelle is teaching on her blog as well as UKS,you photo and document the same day every month for a whole year,I missed out on the kit :-( so I thought I would make my own album....

Just waiting for Monday now.

Time to get little miss in a bed I think (shes still in her cot,I like to know where she is LOL) she managed to climb out of her cot this morning and I found her running up and down the landing,luckily the stair gate was shut or I would of caught her abseiling down the stairs.
Shes got a habit of going cross-eyed at the moment as this pic shows...

Right off to save the goodie cupboard,the kids are mooching through it as I type.



shimelle said...

this looks so lovely!!
i hope you don't mind i have posted it on my blog with links back to you :)
can't wait to see what you make each month now!!

mmwwaahh211 said...


Just thought I would say hi, I found your blog via the smack blog, and I love your work! I will be adding your site to my favs!

L x

Denise said...

I just did a layout on my blog called "THAT's JUST STUPID"...because my soon to be 13 year old son says it ALL the time. So yours may grow out of ACTUALLY...but hold on to your hat they'll be something to take it's place!
I found your blog through Shimelle's.

sally said...

How cool is it that Shimelle has linked to you!!!