Friday, 23 May 2008

I've Been Awarded...

a Circle of Friends Award from Rachel
Cheers hunny xx

I need to pass this onto 4 people so I'm gonna award......

Little Miss Gems

This is a quick post as I need to have an early night as leaving for Devon early tomorrow morning, yikes, the question is... will I be able to get up at 4.30am??!!

Did that layout yesterday, I had loads of circles I had punched out for another project that I hadn't got round to doing so I thought I would cut them in half and rough the edges up abit, took blumin' ages to get them in the right place but I quite like the end result.

Today I had a mad mad idea of making my own bag, why I don't know, its not like I need another bag *rolleyes*. I suppose it will make a change from scrappin'.
So off I went browsing on Ebay, I didn't find anything I liked on there so my next stop was Etsy :-D and this is the fabric I have brought...

I was just going to make a nice simple tote bag, surely they can't be that hard to make can they? but oh no, clever clogs (yeah right) here decided to buy a pattern to make this bag..

All I'm saying is I MAY BE GONE FOR SOME TIME!!!

Right a quick coffee and then bed.
Hope you have a lovely Bank Holiday and the weather stays nice.



Nat said...

Hehehe will look forward to seeing your bag :) Those fabrics are lush.

Sounds like the retreat was fab, when I'm qualified and back in the working world I wanna come along (won't be til 2010 tho!) xxx

Jackie said...

oooh like the fabric, you can make me one next LOL

Have a good weekend BSIL xx

Karen said...

Hope you're having a lovely holiday! thanks for the award - which one of those chubby ladies is me lol? Love the bag and the fabrics you've picked - you can make me one after Jackie pmsl.