Friday, 20 June 2008

PJ & Mad Hair Day

So this is how Lana went to school today.....

The things they do to raise money for charity LOL
Luckily school is only a 5 minute walk away!!
One boy in her class had bright blue hair and I mean BRIGHT BLUE!

Its the school sports day next Wednesday, so shall be spending the whole day there as Alfie will have his races in the morning, then the summer fete and a picnic and then Lanas races in the afternoon. Its an Olympic theme with an opening ceremony too.Must remeber to take my camera as its the 25th that day :-)

So me Millions order arrived today with the very scrummy October Afternoon stash,I opened it and then put it in the cupboard.Usually when a parcel from Jill turns up I have to use it that very minute but just not interested :-(

I have uploaded so some new stuff to my shop if you're interested,its only a few notebooks and felt purses but its a start :-) (links on the right ;-))

Have a great weekend


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