Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another Year older and a.....


Yes I scrapped =) OK its a digi layout but hey its still a layout!!
Plus it saved me mooching through my stash cupboard looking for the *right* stash....

So yesterday was my birthday,thanks to everyone who left me birthday wishes on Facebook. The day started off badly...I woke up with the headache from hell =( but as the day went on and after taking Keiths strong painkillers it finally disappeared leaving me to enjoy the rest of the day.I had some lovely presents including a box of Thorntons chocolate,money and a brand new Momiji cup from the kids (I love my Momiji dolls I do) and not forgetting the strawberry cheesecake which even had a candle on.
Keith was meant to be taking me out for a meal for a joint wedding anniversary/birthday treat but what happened.. we had to cancel as he got a phone call asking him if he could go and do some private HGV driving (hes self employed so has to take the jobs when he gets asked) so we had a Chinese earlier tonight with a couple of cans of Stella =)

Alfies still enjoying school apart from when he had to miss the first 2 minutes of playtime because he was engrossed in a puzzle and didn't see when the teacher raised her hand,which means that all the kids have to come and sit down,bloody hell hes 4 for goodness sake, when I found out I wasn't impressed I can tell ya!!

Still crocheting and working on my ripple throw,my aim is to have it finished and put on my bed by Christmas Eve but not holding much hope,the throw is over 7 feet wide and each row takes about 45 minutes *wacko* but not going to give up and working on it in between crocheting stuff for my little shop =)

Right me beds calling,got work tonight.
TTFN xoxo

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Gems said...

Aww poor Alfie! That is slightly harsh bless him.

Loving the layout - oh and the new banner! :o)

Glad the birthday perked up. xxx