Wednesday, 22 October 2008

So So

Well the day started off good just hanging round the house wrapping Lanas presents up,Isla stamped onto some brown parcel paper and we used that to wrap a few of them.
Then I brought a few little bits off Etsy...

I have plans for the bingo cards :-D

Then we received a phone call which pissed me off no end,not going to go into details but to say I was angry is an understatement!!!!

BSIL phoned after tea so I popped round,she was trying to teach me how to play Guitar Hero,she and BIL are great playing it,I sucked big time and think I lasted a minute before getting Boo'd off LOL!!
While I was there she gave me the last of my birthday presents (I was spoilt this year)it was this....

Need to go and get some stuffing then going to have a go at some of the cute things in it,first on the agenda is 'Mr Cactus'


daydreamer said...

Oooh how cute are the crochet critters!!what a fab pressie, look forward to seeing your creations.
Love those bingo cards, wonder whatcha gonna do with them then!?
I LOVE Etsy, but i have to ration myself going on it, or i would be very skint!! lol
Hugs Rach x

natty said...

OMG that is seriously cute crochet, if there was a gingerbread man I would be so in love and tempted to actually try crochet again. :oO