Tuesday, 28 October 2008

While Blog Hopping

last night I came across this cool site...

Cut Out & Keep.

You gotta check this site out if you like all things crafty!! Lots of hand crafted items,many with 'how tos'
I was lost on this site for ages putting lots of things I want to make in my favourites :-D
Gotta love the internet,lots of people sharing all their ideas for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also found this site...

House on Hill Rd

The stuff she makes using fabric was seriously making me drool all over my laptop and best of all she gives a few free tutorials.

I've updated the 'pretty,pretty' section on this blog with a few more links ------>>>

Made a little cupcake last night,here she is....

She's going in the post tomorrow (hope the receiver likes it)

While making her I had the idea of making lots of playfood for Isla. Father Christmas is bringing her a toy kitchen in the early hours of the 25th December :-D, so I headed over to Etsy as you do and flippin' heck theres pages and pages of crochet playfood patterns including little tea sets.....ROLL ON PAYDAY!

I couldn't resist the pattern for these though......

Come on, who can resist muffins that look like this and last forever!!!

Got to print out a few pics tonight ready to take to the retreat on Saturday.
Psst if you're interested and wanna go to a fabby retreat next May go here to book a place ;-)

'Til next time


Gems said...

Some cute links there! :o)

And wow you are so clever. Those crocheted food looks so cute, and that cupcake is adorable!


Sally said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my little crocheted flower. So cute.
so clever.
Luv Sal xx