Thursday, 29 January 2009

Been Messing Around

with a very cool website this morning

Think I shall be playing with it for the rest of the day LOL.

Had a busy few days at work, Sunday was a good day, took a resident to the theatre to see 'Joseph and His Technocolour Dream Coat' what a fantastic show, don't think there was anyone sitting down by the end of it except the resident I took LOL. And then I made him slum it by taking him to McDonalds for his supper,he didn't mind and was soon eating his quarter pounder meal :-)

The last few days have been spent sorting out the kids rooms ready to be redecorated, Lana wants hers to be red and pink (trying to talk her out of that one) and Alfie is having a Retro Robot theme after we saw this in the Next catalogue yesterday

Hopefully it will turn up today :-D

Islas potty training is going really well, shes had one accident and that was only because she fell asleep on the sofa,can't believe this is the same girl who a week ago was having a right tantrum about wearing a pair of Fifi knickers!!

Not many more hexagons to go now and then the crochet blanket is finished,thinking about doing another one in the colours we are going to eventually do the front room in, can't wait to start doing that room,I'm gonna have real pleasure in ripping up the manky carpet thats been down since we moved in 10 years ago!!!!!!!

Right off to print out some pics, got some DT work to do for Sarahs Cards

PS Willow, you tagged me but haven't a clue what you've tagged me with??



Gems said...

Those photos are really cool! What is the website?

Alfie's room is going to look fab with those robots :o)


Paula said...

Cool photos - please share the website details x

ally said...

i love the photos to, which website isi t?