Thursday, 5 February 2009

Alfie Got His Wish

Woke up to be greeted by this

I couldn't resist walking on the freshly fallen snow in the back garden

So turned on the laptop to check out school website and saw this

Quickly had breakfast and then spent an hour searching for wellies (found out that Lana and Alfie have outgrown theirs), hats, scarves and gloves, Lana couldn't find her new gloves so ended up wearing one of Alfies and an old one I found in the junk drawer, she didn't care she just wanted to get outside in the snow!!
Think we were all out there by 8.30, Isla couldn't quite work out what all the fuss was about as the last time we had lots of snow she was a baby

She soon got the hang of throwing it though LOL

Then some more kids from the close came out to play and they all built this

Couldn't resist getting a little group shot

Came in to dry off a bit and to have a brew, still snowing so may go back outside this afternoon.
Keeping my fingers crossed theres no school tomorrow!!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Bob.... you guys looked like you had fun!!!!

love wendy