Saturday, 7 February 2009

All Done

I was up til 2am this morning finishing off the blanket, I was determined I was gonna finish it by this weekend and as I've got to go to work shortly for the next 4 days I thought I'd better have a late night, but its done and looks so blumin lovely if I do say so myself =)

Excuse the crap pics, the light is crap here today....

In all its glory....137 hexagons lovingly crocheted and joined by moi

Started - 23rd November 2008
Completed - 7th February 2009

28 balls of Rowan Handknit DK Cotton x £3.50 = yikes, won't tell hubby that LOL

The pattern came from the very lovely Lucy at Attic24, now she does do lovely crochet!!!

Thats all folks



Jackie said...

Thats only £98 worth of blanket!! LOL

Looks fabby, hope to see it irl next week sometime xx

Nat said...

It looks fab :)
Love the snow pics too - are those shoes or slippers you got on, cos I loves them and I wants me a pair!!!!!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Funny - My husband has asked how much my hex blanket has cost - now even with my usual price reduction when I tell my him prices of things - it's still expensive.....mmm not sure what to tell him!!!

Looks lovely with the edging

Gems said...

The blanket looks fab hun :o) xxx