Wednesday, 18 February 2009


No not my crochet ripple, this.....

Brought it over the weekend after Keith gave me my Valentines present...a red DS!!
Who said romance was dead LOL even had a romantic meal for five on Saturday.... a KFC Full Works bucket!! Did I mind? Did I heck I love KFC :-D

Going to do abit more of me crochet in a mo, haven't done any since last week, worked my usual shifts this week and had to go into today to have a course about Huntingtons Disease About half of the residents I work with have this awful disease, so upsetting watching them deteriorate :-(.
Quite funny walking into the room where it was being held, thought the other staff were residents family, wasn't until one of them said 'hi ya Sar' that it clicked, it was other members of staff, don't usually see most of them unless they're in their uniform LOL.

Hopefully the weather will stay ok for tomorrow, taking the kids to the park so they can run off some of the energy they've built up these last few days,taking them shopping on Friday so they can spend their Christmas money at long last LOL.

Right off to get me yarn and hook out

Gonna try and do some scrappin' this week thats if I can find some pics


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