Monday, 28 September 2009


Thats how I'm feeling :(
Got home from the crop in Exhall and started feeling unwell,up most of the night and now feeling like absolute crap!!
Claire if you're reading this,it wasn't your cakes LOL and I neeeeed that recipe.

Talking about the crop, it was great to meet so many lovley ladies and if any of you are reading this....thanks for making me feel so welcome :)

So heres the classes I taught

Was slightly concerned about the 1st one but it went down really well and it was great seeing all the different interpretations of it.

In between doing those,drinking coffee,eating cakes and smoking fags I managed to do this...

Lovin' those MM bamboo alphas that much that I brought 2 packs LOL.

Waiting on a little order I placed the other day to arrive,hopefully it will turn up soon,itching to use these...

Leave you with a layout I did the other day, the journal spot overhangs the layout but you can't see that cos I scanned it and couldn't be bothered faffing around trying to sort it out LOL!!

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Claire Wheatley said...

Aww sorry you have been poorly Sarah, maybe it was pure sugar overdose lol. Im loving those dotty alphas, think i need them.