Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another Post

whats wrong with me?? LOL

My purple yarn turned up this morning,so I can carry on with my granny baby blanket (see below post)
As well as the yarn,this also arrived this morning....

As well as a couple of sheets of 'Report Card', will be using these later hopefully :-)

Scrapped last night,for the last couple of days I've scrapped every night,something I haven't done for a long time.

Will admit when I found this baby pic of Little Miss on my laptop last night and opened it up,it hit me like a ton of bricks that shes no longer a baby (she'll always be my baby) and I could of cried...whats wrong with me??
Have I finally realized that I'm not going to have anymore,will be honest, I would love another baby (just thinking of all the lovely things I could crochet and all the lovely baby scrappin' stash I could have is a good enough reason isn't it LOL) but it just ain't going to happen :-(

Changing the subject....Keith if you're reading this and I know you do sometimes I've found my Christmas present

A Fuji Instax Mini 7
Thats my idea of a perfect present,you know if you buy it for me I'll love you forever mwahh mwahh

Right off to tax my car,if I don't I won't be able to go here at the beginning of November with the girls from Sarahscards.

Then I'm going back up to Sainsburys to get a couple of boxes of these while they're still on offer..

Now I usually make my own cakes (a feeble attempt anyway) but MAN these are good!!!

especially with custard!!!

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Natty said...

Ohhh you lucky person with that OA haul! LOL I am holding out for their Christmas release, just hoping they actually manage to get it out before this Christmas!

And the Tarte aux amandes is the best in the series, closely followed by the lemon one. I must nip to my Salisbury's to see if they are on offer here, we made about 5 of them over the Christmas period last year as they didn't stick around long. LOL