Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Hat

As the weather has turned big time,I thought it was time to make Little Missy a new hat,don't buy hats anymore,not when theres so much choice out there to make one and you all know how much I love crochet don't ya :-D

Well I showed her a few hats on the internet yesterday afternoon and she said 'yack' to every single one of them.In the end she must of got fed up because she went off to unearth the cloche one I made her last year,I asked her if she wanted a new one of those in a different colour and she said yes.Out came the 4mm hook and I started it after tea and finished it this morning while she was at nursery (shes now stuffing her face with a bag of crisps,sat on the sofa watching CBeebies with it on her head!)

Did manage to get her to pose for a photo...

And because I had to stop last night as I couldn't test to see if the size was right as she decided she wanted to go to bed early I mean before 6pm!! I scrapped an old picture of her that I printed out ages ago and found last week while gutting my stash cupboard.

Went to a crop,came home and this is what I saw when I walked through the door...


Thats it for now


Gems said...

Lol that photo is so funny on the layout :o)
And that hat is just stunning! I wish I could crochet! xxx

Rachael said...

That hat is just gorgeous and your DD looks super cute in it!!! Love the LO too and that photo just had to be scrapped :)

cathy said...

Gorgeous hun! both the hat & the model, she's just the cutest little girl!!

Love the LO too - men eh? they haven't got a clue!! :D bet she enjoyed it tho!