Friday, 29 January 2010


that top in the last post because I wasn't too sure about the colour and I tried it on Little Miss for well,but the stitches started coming off the needle and as I'm only a beginner, couldn't for the life of me work out which needle to stick them back on to LOL.

So yesterday I started it again and this time I'm lovin' the colour & purple,haven't tried it on Little Miss...think I'll wait 'til I'm finished this time!!!


Bloody crap lighting in this house :-[

Anyone know if I'll be able to use 60mm circular needles for the sleeves or will I have to invest in some smaller ones??

Got to laugh at this photo,I was in the kitchen cooking tea earlier (what a good mummy I am) and when I walked into the front room this is what I saw....

Our very own 'KNIT 'N' NATTER' CLUB LOL

Anyone else seen any new scrapbooking releases?
I've seen a few things but these are a must for me....

Got to have those papers in kraft too!!


Rachel said...

hey chick well impressed with your progress, i dropped a stitch on the bus the other day from trying it on earlier that day lol, and i just winged it i know it didnt look right but i refused to frog lol.
As for sleeves this is the method most are done with
its called magic loop basically it lets you do cylinder shapes on any sided needles its s bit fiddly but easier once you get the hang of it.
i get my needles from here
i splashed out at xmas and got the full set, they are interchangeable so you can swap the cable size to different size needles, you will never have to buy another needle again in theory.
Keep up the good work p.s how cute are your girls reminds me of this pic lol
sorry such long comment have fun rach xx

cathy said...

Oooooo! I love your knitting hun, the colours are lovely together!

The girls look so cute & will be making their own clothes at that rate!! LOL The look on Isla's face made me giggle!!