Saturday, 27 November 2010

'Just in time' Bandit!!

Haven't blogged because I've been busy beavering away trying to get my BANDIT finished.

Link in last post.

'Just in time' for this freezing cold weather we're having at the mo, kids are gutted we haven't had snow yet, it's predicted for early next week, hopefully not as much as what they've had up north.

Photo taken using the 'camera bag' app

All I can say is thank god for lifelines (row where you thread a scrap piece of yarn through the stitches) cos I've had to rip it back 3 times!!!

Deffo not a 'watch the tv while knitting project', not for me anyway LOL!!

Been having a browse at the apps for me iPhone and found this one....

The kids have been having fun leaving Santa messages with their present requests.
Best of all it doesn't cost a penny to use it :-)

Will post a proper pic of Bandit once we get some decent light.


- Posted using me iPhone :-)

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