Saturday, 8 January 2011

Can I do This???

Gonna give it a good go =)

Number 4 is something I've been wanting to do for a good few years now,and this year I've decided to kick myself up the arse and do it!!!

Website is being constructed/tinkered with, yarns to stock have been noted, 1st order goes in next week....only trouble is I want everything!!!!

Just hope everything goes to plan and it works out *fingers crossed.*

Been having a browse at the sale over on Cath Kidston tonight and am most disappointed that what I want/need is not in the sale

Lovely home for me iPad

Lovely home for me knitty WIPs

Going to Chelthenham shopping next week with mum,only going there because it has a Cath Kidston shop =)
Which of the above will I come home with???

Also need to go shopping in John Lewis cos I neeeeeed this

It would look lovely sitting in my kitchen =)

Right me beds calling



Rachel said...

great goals, cant wait to see the shop up and running, i have scrapbook more on my list too, actually im just got a few bits off, literally had to dig stuff out of packed boxes but still lol

Nat said...

Aye! You can do it mun :) If you need a hand with the website gis a shout, it's what Mr T does innit. Love the radio :D xxx

TG said...

Hi yer, how you doing? Good luck with the shop, i really wish i could knit.
I'm gonna miss you at SC retreat this year. :(
Hugs T xx