Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Goodbye 2010

and HELLO 2011!!

Did you all have a lovely Christmas??
We did, you couldn't see the front room floor (always a good sign)
The kids were pleased as punch with their presents, especially Lana who was actually speechless when she discovered an iTouch under the tree with her name on :-)

No photos taken as the battery was flat in me camera

I had some lovely presents including perfume,a new bag,chocs and not forgetting the most important IPAD!!!!!

I'm in love with it...seriously
So much you can do with it :-)

We went away to see in the New Year.
For the last few years I've wanted to walk on a beach on New Years Day all wrapped up warm with my family, so we went to Devon to see in the New Year with the in laws and on New Years Day we wrapped up warm and I finally got to walk on the beach on the first day of the was bloody freezing!!!

Stupid idea,won't be doing that again unless I'm somewhere hot like Barbados for instance.

No photos taken cos I couldn't be bothered!!!

Still knitting,managed to get all the handknitted gifts finished in time for Christmas and finished making this for a friends birthday which is tomorrow

Another Springtime Bandit

Gonna start this,once my new yarn arrives (hopefully today)

Poet Society tam

and then better start looking at the baby knits.....NOT FOR ME!!!!

My brothers girlfriend has just announced shes preggars, don't know if I should bother making her something,probably just get chucked in the back of the cupboard. If I was to give her a giftcard for Armani,Baby Gap or even Next she'd be happier.
I have got me eyes on making one of these though..

Newborn Baby Blanket


Right gotta dash,been meaning to go and get some shopping since taking the kids to school this morning but then it started raining so I thought I'd wait for Keith to come back and take the car but hes just phoned to say he won't be home until much later,hes broken down in Lancashire and waiting to be recovered...don't laugh haha!!



Nat said...

Glad u all had a fab chrimbo, pmsl at your dream of walkin on the beach then hating it ;) :)

ooh good luck with your new venture, sounds very exciting bird xxx

Rachel said...

oohh cute patterns, i have had loads of google reader posts from you today but then they have vanished, where did the opening a wool shop one go? erm awesome