Monday, 17 January 2011

On My Needles... this

Cowboy Cowl - Pam Powers

Started it once I had done the housework this morning :=)
So far so good.

I've been and brought a new ink cartridge so I can print out a few pics ready for when my Studio Calico kit arrives, come on Mr Postie!!!

I'm gonna have a big old sort out of my stash cupboard this week, see what I want to get rid of and stuff I want to keep, things from....

stamps, stickers, embellies and papers

will be going.
Keep your eyes peeled, who knows you might see something you like/want/need :-)

Right I'm off to make the kids their lunch boxes ready for school tomorrow (bloody hate this job!)

Shame they couldn't take one of these each cos they have taken a real liking to them

How embarrassed was I the other day when they were each walking round Sainsburys clutching their 'TEA', looking as pleased as punch!!!!


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