Monday, 21 February 2011


While trying to juggle what felt like a hundred different things at the same time tonight...

cook the tea
empty the dishwasher
stick washing machine on
umm & ahh over the kids artwork

I noticed my beloved iPhone was looking a little smeary on the screen so decided to clean it, wish I hadn't bothered now cos it slipped right out of my hand and landed face down on my tiled floor =( =(
I'm sure the neighbours heard me scream NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when it happened

I phoned the local Apple store and they don't do replacement screens WTF!!
They told me to go to an independent retailer, whats that all about??

So as my spuds were bubbling dry I had a quick look on Ebay for a faulty/non working one with a decent screen, have you seen how much they are going for?? SHOCKING!!!

In the end I googled 'replacement screens' and managed to find a gadget shop that sells them in a kit which contains everything you need to do the job for just under £20, we brought 2 :-)

Judging by how grubby that case is looking, I'll be on the look out for a new one, preferably one with a flip cover ;-)
Hopefully it will be as good as new again in a few days, everything else still works fine on it, just gotta be careful when swiping your finger across the screen to unlock it!!


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Cathy C said...

Omg no!! Bet you felt like crying Hun, hope you get it sorted soon!!