Saturday, 2 April 2011

A Layout

**Thanks for all the lovely comments in my last post**

The sickness has started to pass and I'm not soooo tired,don't feel the need to have a doze on the sofa in the afternoons anymore but still in bed by 10pm, hope that soon passes as I like being a night owl.

Right back to my post -


The first of many baby ones I hope :-)
I wasn't really into scrappin' when the other rugrats arrived but I can see this little bean being scrapped lots before he/she arrives :-)

Even thinking of starting a journal thingy using one of those Maya Road albums with the lovely kraft envelopes in (knew it would come in handy one day)

I have a confession to make about the test in the picture above.....

I brought it after I had my scan, just so I could see the words 'pregnant' and have a decent test to scrap hahaha!!

As the housework is done, the kids are playing out the front and Keith is working til 11 tonight, I'm gonna print out a couple of pics, pop my ipod in the dock and scrap :-)

Toodle Pip

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