Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Getting Ready

for tomorrow.....

PE bags have been packed.
Lunch box food has been brought.
New shoes brought (£116!!! WTF!!)
Uniforms put out ready.
A trip to the hairdressers was taken this morning....

Having an easy tea tonight....chips from the chippy,
then they'll be having a bath and an early night.

Don't know about them but I'm ready for them to go back tomorrow :-)

Waiting for Mr Postie to bring my new yarn so I can make a start on a new cardi for myself

Golden Wheat Cardi

but while I'm waiting for it to arrive I might make a start on this

Cocoon Me Cowl

thats amongst the 2 other items for 'bump' thats on my needles at the mo

Owl Sleep Sack & Little Coffee Bean


1 comment:

Nat said...

Bloomin 'eck your girls are growing fast! Love their new do's tho, hope them going back to school times nicely with postie's arrival so you can cast on that lush looking cardi in peace! :) xxx