Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ripples & Chevrons

I'm lovin' making these 2 blankets at the moment.

The yarn arrived on Tuesday for my chevron blanket

so spent an hour with my ball winder and swift turning them into yarn cakes and so far it looks like this...

Using Cascades 220 yarn in 12 colours on a 4.5mm needle

Now the next lot of yarn to arrive was supposed to be for my sunburst granny blanket but I changed my mind and decided to make the little fella a crochet ripple instead...

Rowan pure wool DK on a 3.5mm hook in 5 colours -

shale, anthracite, cypress, avocado & enamel

Crocheting into to the back loops of each new colour strip.

Its grown slightly since this pic was taken this morning, hoping I can get it finished and washed before the fella arrives.... just over 2 weeks to go!!!

Right off to hook and knit some more :-)