Monday, 28 November 2011

** @ one month **

Its hard to believe that the 'Little Fella' is one month today, if only the pregnancy went that fast!!

* We've nicknamed you 'Windy Miller'. You can't half burp & fart, we thought Lana was bad but if burping & farting became an olympic sport you would bring gold home every time.

* You're staying awake a lot more between feeds.

* You hate the moses basket, preferring to be in your bouncy chair (only cos you're nosey and wanna see whats going on).

* You've discovered yourself in the mirror on your playmat.

* You're in bed by 9pm.

* You wake once during the night for a feed.

* You love bath time.

* You weigh just under 11lbs.

* The amount of washing you make is unbelieveable!!

* You are fascinated with the other 3 kiddos.

As hes sleeping at the moment, I'm off to do a bit of knitting, got a couple of FOs and WIPs to show you this week including Aarons ripple in the picture above.


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Nat said...

Aww he's a bit lush isn't he?! ;) Hope you all have a lovely Christmas xxxx