Wednesday, 11 January 2012

@ 2 Months

* You get kissed a million times a day, whenever any of the other kids walk by you, they automatically stop,lean over and give you a peck on the head unless its Isla, who likes to kiss your nose.

* You sleep through the night but have a habit of kicking the blankets off you, thank goodness for sleeping bags.

* You love the projector thingy on your musical cot toy but don't like the music on it, preferring the lullabies on your snuggly bear.

* You will let me know when you've had enough of your milk by pushing the bottle out of your mouth and refusing to open it again when I try.

* You prefer the big bath to the little bath.

* You are slowly growing out of your 0-3 months clothes.

* You are one chilled out baby but do have your moments of screaming in temper.

* You smile, chuckle and 'talk' loads.


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