Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Must Be Mad!!!

Little Miss has been asking since way before Christmas for another handmade blanket and I've agreed!!

Knit or crochet....decisions,decisions.

In the end I settled on another crochet hexxy blanket, so I ordered some Stylecraft Special DK in meadow,plum,silver,clematis and white and I started....

Crappy picture sorry

So far so good,20 hexxys made and added as I go,only another 120 to go!!

Since I started Little Miss has been asking everyday when it will be finished, she does't understand 'all good things come to those that wait' LOL


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Chrisknits said...

Such sweet colors. She will love it.

get stuffin' handmade sock monkeys and creatures said...

Hey Sarah,you wont remember me from BarnCrafters i dont think??Its been a while since i logged onto your blog and had to go through ukscrappers to find it lol!Finally found it and OMG you have had another baby!!Congratulations :-) BTW we are trying for number 4 too,hope you are all well from Liz xx