Friday, 6 April 2012

New Wool!

Yep I gave in to temptation and brought a Lucy Pack of Stylecraft and started a new granny stripe blanket.
I chained 270, so plenty big enough for my bed :-)
I'm enjoying crocheting each stripe of colour more so than doing Islas (boring) blanket which is half done now

I'm on stripe 24 now so bigger than the above picture.
No order of colour, my only rule is if the colours have touched once they can't touch again :-)
I'm gonna have to get another pack and have an idea of the border.

Knittings been put on the back burner but I have finished Little Mans Gramps cardi

Right as its Good Friday and its the law that you have to have Hot Cross Buns for dinner I'm off to get them out the freezer!


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