Thursday, 14 June 2012


after many months of being stuck in my wicker basket, I kicked myself up the arse and finished my first  granny stripe blanket. It was made for Isla but halfway through mum said she would have it and stick it in their camper van after I said I wasn't too keen on the colours..... I've started a new one for Isla in lovely bright colours so she won't miss it :-)

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Nat said...

It looks lovely! I was almost tempted to have a go at a Granny Stripe until I heard they are slow to work up!! Plus I have about five crochet blankets on the go already that need attention if they are going to be finished this century. I've been feeling the need to get out my "proper" camera too...need some nice weather! We ended up in Pembrokeshire for my weekend away - bloody lovely it was too :) xxx