Friday, 8 June 2012

Printing & Sewing

Thats what I've been doing today, was gonna add baking to the list but I've ran out of self raising flour :-(
Oh well I can do that tomorrow :-)

So this morning I dug around some boxes in the cupboard and found a quilt top I had started when I was pregnant, anyway I took it apart and made a drawstring bag with some of the squares

                Fabric is   'Happier' by Deena Rutter
Question is now do I be a good mum and give it to Isla or keep it for myself?

Been looking on Pinterest and saving free  (love that word) printables, anyway today while I was looking through some boxes I found a couple of new frames, so far just printed out my favourite one,got a couple more to do.

Right off to tidy up the kitchen before tea, as I've been soooooooooo busy today we're having chippy and then I'm gonna get on and finish the last sleeve of my Lucinda once 'Little Fella' is in bed

Have a great weekend, I will, keiths home in the morning and he's taking the kids out, giving me some much needed me time


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