Tuesday, 26 June 2012


So far so good with the chevrons...

Have had to use the seam ripper to rip a few squares apart and get them to line up properly, but hey ho its all good fun.
Really need to practise my 1/4 inch seaming buy a 1/4 inch foot, it would make the job alot easier. The top is nearly finished, the pic above was taken at the weekend before I sat down and got on with more of it.

 Still plodding on with my granny stripe blanket for Little Miss... 50 stripes of colour done, only another 50 to go, hoping to get it finished before we go on our jollies in just under 3 weeks....wonder if they have any yarn shops in St Ives??

The 'Little Fella' is now sporting 2 teeth and anything and everything is going into his mouth for a good old chew including one of the kids springy thing.

Nearly 8 months now, man the time is flying!!


PS if anyone does know if there are any yarn shops in St Ives I'd love to know.
PPS reading '50 shades darker' now, took me 2 days to read the first one

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