Monday, 30 July 2012

Cornwall, Devon then A&E

We had a lovely time in Cornwall, the only day it rained was Wednesday when we went to Lands End.  It didn't last long though, it had stopped and the sky began to clear while we had a cream tea.

We visited St Ives and enjoyed walking round all the lovely shops and tasting a few different pasties, my favourite being lamb and mint.
I did track down a yarn shop but to be honest they didn't have a lot of stock, Lana was treated to a batch of different threads for her friendship bracelets that shes into making at the moment and I came out wool less but I wasn't too disappointed because just down the street was a shop I just couldn't resist.

Ahh Cath Kidston how I love you
Inside that bag is my new messenger bag

We went to Flambards on Friday, little miss loved all the rides and wanted to go on the rollercoaster over and over again, she also had a little crush on one of the kids entertainers...bless her.
All in all a great family holiday full of sea, sand, swimming, cornish pasties, the occasional alcoholic beverage (for the adults), lots of sight seeing and kids entertainment.....the kids liked it so much we've booked again for next year

We had to pop into Keiths mums on the way home, so on the way to Devon we visited Port Isaac, unfortunately my camera was buried in the boot, but oh my what a beautiful place
We drove the coastal road back to Bude so we could stop and get some lunch and then onto Devon.

We got home late Saturday night, so after I made a start on the 6 loads (I ain't kidding either) of washing on Sunday we went to get my car from where it was being kept.
Keith and his mate rent a unit on a farm, the farmer is great and doesn't mind the kids letting off steam by running wild over there, anyway little miss was racing around on her bike and as she went around a corner the bike went from underneath her and she cut her chin open, so a trip to A&E was needed so it could be glued back together

You see the blood on the dressing? Well she decided to start playing with it once she got home from the hospital...seriously what am I going to do with this kid? I swear she should of been a boy, you should see the state of her legs.


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Nat said...

Aww love her! Hope it's healing nicely. Can't get over how much she looks like you though!! xx