Wednesday, 4 July 2012


My Lucinda is coming on a treat now.
This is what it looked like on Sunday

And this is what it looks like today...

I took it with me today down mums so I could do some more to it (I managed 3 rows before the 'little fella' woke up)  I've given myself a week to finish it as I want to wear it on holiday, though at this rate it won't be a cardi I need, it'll be a bloody rain mac....seriously is this rain ever gonna let up, I've got 3 kids who wanna go on the beach and play in the sea in just over a week, I won't include Aaron as he's only 8 months and hasn't got a clue what the beach is LOL

While I was down mums she was oohing and ahhhing over the cardi and said she'd like one in blue, now she could make one herself as shes a right nifty knitter, always got something on the go and won't start something new until what she's knitting is finished but I've decided to make her one for Christmas in the size I'm making at the moment...I know it'll fit her as she was trying this one on and twirling round the room in front of the mirror!!

Anyway I'm linking this post up to Luvinthemommyhood and I'm off to have a look at how everyone else is doing in the Sweater KAL


Lindsay Turtle said...

I really like this colour! And it's coming along so nicely - some of you girls are knitting MACHINES! I am still working on the cowl of my Idlewood and that's a bulky weight project. Haha. Looking forward to more updates!!!

Natalie Buehler said...

Wow, you are really far on your project already and it is looking fab!
The weather here in Europe is no better, although the sun has come out this morning, don't know for how long though. Hope you have a great holiday and good weather!

CelticCastOn said...

I'm really loving that diamond pattern and can't wait to see it finished!

by Annie Claire said...

so speedy! I love the colour. Good luck with meeting your deadline!!

Passionate Design said...

The weather here in Eastern Washington is to my way of thinking...perfect for summer though most disagree with me. So far we haven't had a stretch of hot hot weather but we get enough rain to satisfy the webs between my toes and enough sunshine to make me want to sit outside and knit.

Your sweater looks amazing and I hope you finish it by your self imposed deadline and that your holiday is the best, with perfect weather :)

Jak said...

It looks lush BSIL, id love one for my birthday :).

Love ya x