Friday, 4 January 2013

Well Here I Am.... where do I start??
Since my last post Lana turned eleven and Little Man turned one ... how did that happen??
He's now walking so that means only one thing...... he's into everything!

One of the reasons I've been quiet on here is because I've been busy knitting/crocheting up a storm ready for Christmas, I was determined all the kids would have at least one handmade item under the tree this year.

 Made Lana a ear-warmer for Christmas, the colours were her choice 

An old man cardi for my little man

also made a scarf for Alfie and a sleeveless cardi for Isla that I must get a picture of.

I also finally finished Islas rainbow blanket

BUT the main reason I've been quiet is because......

....this mommas expecting again!!
Took us a while to get our head round to that news, let me tell ya.
As well as bringing a gorgeous Cath Kidston bag back from Cornwall, we brought another souvenir back....... a little girl due 4th April.

So I think thats a good enough excuse to buy lovely yarn and get my knit on don't you??

I've already finished a few items minus adding buttons but the above yarn (Rowan Handknit Cotton) is for a squidgy, cuddly garter stripe blanket I'm gonna start this weekend :-)

Have a great weekend


Jackie said...

Found you via Ravelry ~ love your knitted and crochet things! Congratulations on your newest excuse to buy yarn too :O)

Taniwha said...

Pregnant again!!!! You guys need to get a TV I'm telling you ;) Congratulations chick, hugs xXx

Liz Thomas said...

Congratulations!Missed you and your blogs!You keep me inspired and i LOVE the rainbow blanket and Aarons cardigan,i was chatting to jackie and was enquiring about knitting,ive just made my first blanket and im addicted but one thing is i find it hard to follow patterns etc,where did you find the best place to learn?? Oh and im expecting number 4 in May,another boy so 2 of each for me now :-)

Rachel said...

congratulations, lovely news, gorgeous projects xx