Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Catch Up Post

This post is just for you Rachel 

Where is this post gonna start, so much has happened in the last few months since I last posted...

Miss Ivy Bo was born at 37+5 weeks by emergency c-section as she had stopped moving (scary) After she was born I was told the placenta looked good but the cord had started to shred.
She weighed in at a tiny 5lbs 11ozs a slight difference to what Alfie weighed... 9lbs 14.5ozs
The same day she was born our lovely Jake (dog) suffered a massive heart attack, so had to have him put to sleep the following day :( 
All this happened on Keiths first day of training at his new job, but the company were great about it and gave him 2 weeks paid holiday instead of paternity.

So what else?
Oh yeah
The kids had a crazy hair day at school

What do they look like LOL

We've been on holiday, spent a week in a very hot St Ives

Grabbed a bargain in the Cath Kidston sale

Like I need a new bag haha. 
Couldn't resist this dress for Ivy though, had my eye on it for a while, cost me £11 in the end.

Still knitting & crocheting (will do a seperate post)...well I need something to blog about don't I, especially if I'm gonna get in to this blogging malarky again!
Heres just one thing I've made...

It was made for a 'Summertime Swap' on Instagram.
Talking of instagram, I've changed my name on there, its now @shemakesthings 

I've been cross stitching, haven't done it for years and years, very relaxing when the kids aren't 'mum can I have, mum can we do'. I've finished one kit and designed myself some Orla Kiely stems to do

As well as doing these things I've sorted this out

and I'm doing Project Life..... I know me scrappin' again and I'm enjoying it

Now I need to decide what to spend the housekeeping money on


Decisions, decisions LOL

Right thats me, if you did read this, leave me a comment to let me know



Rachel said...

Yay welcome back. Hadnt realise Ivy had such a dramatic arrival, poor little thing and now scary for you. And yay for the blog dedication lol

J said...

Congrats on the arrival of your little girl! So glad that you were able to have that emergency surgery to get her out safely and that you're all well!

Love that cross stitch of stems, the colours are Beeee-autiful!

You should blog some photos of your Mood Blanket if you have the time this year!

- J (@cozyontheprairies)