Friday, 6 March 2015

Here Again!

Another week has passed, isn't this year flying!!
Preparations are in full swing here for Miss Ivys 2nd birthday next week (how did that happen??)
Presents have been brought and starting to arrive, we're going down the wooden kitchen and accessories route this year as they need to be robust here at No. 38!!

I brought her a lovely dress so obviously I needed to knit her a cardi to go with it didn't I? Well after much searching on Ravelry and not finding anything I liked I searched in my library (I always forget about looking in my library as once I've brought a pattern I automatically put it on my iPad) anyway I remembered buying this pattern about 6 months ago so I whipped it up.....

Espirit Tunic

Isn't it just the sweetest thing ever!!
Unfortunately it grew quite abit when I blocked it, even a stint in the dryer couldn't shrink it back and yes I've tried that before and it usually works but not this time but hey ho.

I'm also taking part in a KAL (knit along) on Ravelry for another gorgeous little knit

Which Ivy will be using for camping this year, yes you read that correctly, 7 of us in a tent for a week - mad or just bloody mad!!!

The other week I bribed the kids to sit together so I could get a new photo of them altogether, doesn't happen very often, the 2 older ones are usually doing their own thing, Islas out round her friends and the 2 youngest are usually  always causing chaos and destruction, I'm absolutely positive they're on some sort of tag team, taking it in turns to moan, whinge & mess the house up!!!
But don't they all look lovely here *love*..... even if Aaron is chewing on toast LOL!

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