Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Blumin' Warm Here!!!!!

Its February, wheres the snow????
The suns been shining all day,well tell a lie at 7 o'clock this morning I was spraying de-icer on the windscreen of the car so I could see on the way home from work but by 9 o'clock the sun was out and it was hot,hot,hot so sorted the kids out, jumped in the shower and took them up the park,it was that warm Lana was running around in just a tshirt,well not just a tshirt but you know what I mean LOL.
Isla was very brave and was climbing up the slide and then coming down it on her tummy,when she got bored with that she ran around picking up the rubbish, so glad I haven't raised litter bugs LOFL!!

I decided to treat the kids to a visit to the Golden Archies (McDonalds) after we finished at the park,they were happily munching on their Happy Meals and I had one of those *new* posh burgers,I shouldn't of bothered,it was bloody awful :-(

Got a busy day again tomorrow, off to see me mate for the day,catch up on the gossip and the kids can run riot in her house :-D

Leave ya with a couple of layouts.......

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Taniwha said...

Awesome LO's Sarah, I love them! I have those who, what, where, when labels as well, fab stuff, gotta love Etsy! The weather yesterday freaked me out too, 16 degrees here and I had coffee on the deck. Where the heck is the snow?