Sunday, 10 February 2008

Walk in the Woods

Just came back from a walk in the woods hoping I could find my old blog entries,well I was hoping it would magically appear but alas it hasn't happened :-(. I bet its floating around cyperspace somewhere or in a massive recycle bin,wish there was a way of getting all the bits back,there probably is, I just haven't worked out how yet!!!

Anyway as it was such a lovely day I got the kids in the car and drove to the woods,it was packed so didn't stay very long, which didn't go down to well with Alfie who wanted to stay and play on the park.

Love Islas face in this one..

20 photos later and this is one of the best ones of Alfie...

Isla wasn't a happy bunny after falling over god knows how many times...

My little poser...

I was meant to be going to my local crop today but its just a rush going on Sunday, by the time I get home I have enough time to grab something quick to eat,jump in the shower and then out the door to go to work.
I did set a challenge for the crop to make a layout using....

4 embellishments
3 different paper manufactures,
2 photos
1 word title
and something wacky

Heres my attempt

My something wacky was going round the embossed arrows on the back of some Love Elsie 'Toby' cardstock :-D
I have done another layout and its waiting to be scanned into lappy but then I can't decide if its finished or not yet.

I did post on my *lost* blog something else to add to my list of goodies I have to have from CHA (craft show)

Have a look at this

Unfotunately its saying I don't have permission to right click but check out the *new* patterned paper on the right hand side...

Sunshine Lollipops
Pocketful of Rosies
My Dearest

They come with a re-usable cut off strip, how cool is that???????

Right, off to add some links to this shiny new blog


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Karen said...

Gorgeous photos. Hope those missing posts turn up - step away from the buttons lol!!