Thursday, 28 February 2008

Here But Not Here

if you know what I mean!!

Been having serious sleeping problems with Lana for the last god knows how many weeks :-(.
Shes waking up screaming and shouting at least 3 or 4 times a night. When she started doing this we asked her if there was anything worrying her and she did say there was a girl in her class being nasty to her at playtime.I had a word with the teachers and the girls nan and everything seemed to be sorted out or so I thought.That lasted for about 3 nights and the waking up started again but Lana is saying that the girl is being nice to her and they are friends again.
We've tried the asking questions but all she says it that she can't sleep,we've tried the nice approach even the horrible approach, you know when you take things off them but nothing is working, I even resorted to ripping her disco ticket up (brought another one,she doesn't know that) in front of her but nothing is working so I finally succumbed and made her a doctors appointment, which Keith took her to this morning.They want to see her again in a fortnight but in the meantime they prescribed her some of this....

Got to be honest not that keen on her having it but if it helps her sleep properly and stops her looking tired which she does at the moment thats all that matters.Hopefully *fingers crossed* after having this for a fortnight it will help her get back into the routine of sleeping right through again.

Haven't really done any scrapping, well apart from something thats top secret,haven't even done my take on sketch 45 this week,must do that tonight,by the way Sketch This is going to be every fortnight now.
Last weekend I did make a start on my little BOM ready for the Scrapajack Retreat I'm going to in May :-D

Right off to get the cakes I'm making out of the oven ready for the kids to decorate once they are cool



Nat said...

Awww poor Lana, hope things sort themselves out soon, for her sake and yours!! xx

{s}crap happens! said...

poor lana, hopefully it will help.
my ds has been the same for months now, maybe we should see about this med for him.


Karen said...

Poor Lana, it's very tiring on the whole family when they're not sleeping.

Sandy said...

This is also good for nausea/vomiting, just in case you didn't know. Hope things are better for her soon.