Friday, 15 February 2008

PJ Day

We all stayed in our pjs today,well we weren't going anywhere,saving all our energy for when we go shopping today at Merry Hill (Hell) The kids had some ELC vouchers for Christmas and the shop there is massive with alot more choice than the one we have here,also got to get a new top and some jeans ready for my night on the town with some of the girls from work on Saturday,haven't been out for ages so one drink and I'll be drunk!!!!

I've been looking for these for ages...

Making Memories have stopped making their tiny alphas :-( so I've been hunting these ones down,they're like gold dust,every shop I went on they were either out of stock or on order, that is until I clicked on one shop and found the words 'in stock' I was that happy I ordered 4 packs :-D (should last a while me thinks)

Right off to bed


Karen said...

Oooh, good find! I wish I'd bought more of the MM stickers when I first found them. I still have quite a few but I've run out of most of the common letters I need to make any words lol.

Taniwha said...

Well well, would one care to share which shop has the magic 'in stock' words then? Those things are like hens teeth lol!

Is it only me that has so much trouble with the stupid sodding word verification? I have to do it about 5 times before it lets me comment grrrr! I blame it on being a foreigner and english being my first language ;)

Nat said...

I've taken to making my own alphas like the MM ones on the 'puter - but they're bloody faffy to stick on my pages lemme tell ya!!!