Friday, 15 February 2008


Well I went to Merry Hell and managed to get a few things including this gorgeous cardi...

Also got a lovely top to wear tomorrow night but my bargains were a couple of tops from Primark for a £1 each!!!!!

The kids spent their ELC vouchers on yet more toys for the house,Lana didn't want to come so stayed home with her dad,Alfie got a Roary the Racing car construction set,he thinks he's Big Chris now as he has to build Roary *wacko* and Isla got a musical Fifi book and a jeep which plays music..

Got stuck in the traffic on the way home, accident on the M5 made worse by the rubbernecks stopping for a look grrrrrrrrr.

More loveliness on Etsy,not everyones cup of tea but I'm gonna find a use for 'em :-D

Cute little stickers

Picture tape, I hear its gonna be all the rage this summer LOL

and this piece of material which I'm gonna cover a canvas with and stick it on my kitchen wall (if the kitchen ever gets finished)

Nat, I make my own tiny alphas too and will agree far to much faffing about!!
Taniwha, the little alphas came from SOML :-)

My hubby forgot Valentines yesterday so he got me this today....

Nah, I'm lying,the rose came with the Indian we ordered for tea,can't remember the last time the bloody skinflint brought me flowers LOL

Have a fabby weekend whatever you're doing

1 comment:

Nat said...

Ooh love those little stickers, spesh the strawberry and mushroom one!!
A rose from your Takeaway? They must be really good, we're bloody lucky if they have change to give us. We should have learned by now, but every time the skinny teenager drops our food off and we hand him a note, he mumbles something about having no change. Hmmmmm, good one!!