Friday, 21 March 2008

Great Friday

Spent the morning decorating giant pegs with the kids...

The finished pegs, Isla hasn't finished hers yet, she was tired so went for a sleep

At the moment Lana is running around with hers stuck in her hair *wacko*
Had lovely Hot Cross Buns for dinner yum yum.

After dinner we made these....

marshmallows covered in chocolate and sprinkles.

I have a confession, there are only a few left,they are bloody lovely!!!!!

Off to finish a layout I started last night.

Happy Easter, hope you have lots of chocolate,I won't I ate mine last week tut tut :-D


Anonymous said...

The kids pegs are fab!
And the choccy marshmallows dont like to bad either.Jackie(Citrine)x

Nat said...

Aww love the pegs :)

No choccie here either - it was all eaten yesterday!!!!

Anonymous said...

heya hun, i finally got round to have a look at your pegs, they are great, i can just imagine all those lil painted hand prints all on your walls lol.
i'm still awake after a night in the hell hole! yawn!
the children said "hiya!" and i'll see you soon! , hmm next sunday springs to mind! :p

wendy and the gang
xx xxx