Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Thumping Headache

Thats what I've had since Sunday night,it was that bad I had to come home from work Sunday and didn't go in last night.I'm now on holiday from the place (thank god) and going to make a start on decorating my kitchen early next week :-D

Lanas still on the Phenergan :-( and has been prescribed 3 more bottles,sleepless nights are still continuing.Keith spent an hour talking to her teachers on Monday trying to find out if she is having problems at school,apart from her being tearful first thing in the morning when she gets to school,shes getting on great.We're totally clueless :-(.The doctor did say if it continues then she will see her again and ask her questions and try and get some answers through play.
I'm taking her scrapbook shopping at Paperarts on Saturday,I want to see if having some good quality time together just me and her makes any difference and she loves going to that shop,her eyes are like dinner plates when we walk in :-D.Then once the other 2 are in bed Saturday evening we will have a little scrappin' session.

I have banned Alfie from having scissors.I was putting his hoody on the airer earlier and noticed a big chunk of material missing from the front of it,then he put on his jim jams and I noticed that he has cut right up the leg of his pj bottoms and then Lana informed me that he has cut up one of his pj tops *insert angry face* All he said was 'at least I haven't cut up my nursery jumper', its not funny I know but I had to walk away when he said that as I was laughing LOL.

Waiting patiently for my order of the new Sass Lass papers to come from Millions,Jills a star,she emailed me to tell me that the new papers were on site so of course I had to put all the collections in my basket :-)

Gonna leave you with a couple of layouts, the first is what I saw when I came downstairs on Sunday morning - Lana wearing gloves on her feet....

The 2 plastic circles are from a couple of CD protectors (magpie moment ;-))

Sketch 46...



Taniwha said...

Fab LO's matey, I so love your style! I'm just about to hit order on a massive order from Million as well, she's got some awesome stuff in! Now I have to cross fingers I don't get stung by customs ;) Hope your headache goes hun.

Sally said...

Hope you feel better soon. We missed you at the crop :(
Love the LO's. At least the scissors moment is not hair related!!