Friday, 7 March 2008

Yooooo Hoooo!!!!

Well I finished my 'Today' book,its looking quite good :-D,just need to take some pics.
I've started subbing to the 'WIP' kits and guess whats in my first kit.....

only one of those SR chipboard tab books PSML

I had a lovely order from Papermaze yesterday including a large circle punch (I can finally stop using bottle tops and anything else thats round LOL) and these gorgeous Kelly Panacci stamps...

I'm really lovin' round rub ons and stamps at the moment so when I saw these, they were a 'must' have I can tell ya :-).

I was browsing on 2peas earlier this week and saw this. Feeling very inspired by this I went off,dug around in my stash cupboard looking for the acrylic sheets I brought last summer and using my circle punch and a load of other stuff I made this....

Don't ya just love my little model????

Lanas *magic medicine* has worked wonders.For the last couple of nights she hasn't had any and shes completely sparko everytime I've checked on her *insert BIG happy grin*.Shes got to go back to the doctors on Monday,so I'll take her while hubby waits for the bloke whose brought his pride and joy (motorbike) to come and collect it.Hubby didn't want to sell it at all but he's had it just over a year and probably only ridden it 10 times if that :-(,just doesn't have time and it seems such a waste to just be standing in the garden.The bloke whose brought it is taking it touring around Europe.

Right off to sort the kids out and nip up the shop before I go and collect Lana from school.

Have a great weekend,I won't, I'm working Saturday,Sunday and Monday night :-( but then I'm off the following weekend :-D


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Anonymous said...

Oh I am glad that her medicine is working! :o) There is nothing worse than sleep deprivation!

That acrylic wall hanging looks awesome! xx