Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Scenic Route Tab Book

Well as they aren't over here yet (or are they?) I made my own today :-D, only mine doesn't have tabs on.

While blog hopping as you do I came across a website that you can download free graph paper from.Designs include squares,triangles,circles etc,soon chucked that site into my favourites I can tell ya,hoping it would come in handy one day :-)

Link if you're interested -----------> Graph paper

So this morning while Little Miss was playing upstairs I printed a few sheets out,grabbed an old Maya Road book that I've had for yonks,took the chipboard pages out and made the above book.Its called 'Today' ready for tomorrow,as I'm gonna get up in the morning and take loads of pics and write down all the exciting/mundane things I have to do in one day.I'll have to do more then park my fat arse in front of the computer all day (joke)

Right off to get the rugrats tea and charge my camera batteries up in anticipation for tomorrow LOL


1 comment:

K3 said...

Pmsl, well it'd make a very short book if all you had to write was "sat in front of my pc all day".

Great link to the graph paper - have been meaning to print my own stuff off from there for a while but never get round to it.