Sunday, 2 March 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Did you get anything nice????

I had a gorgeous card off Lana that she made at school,Alfies teachers forgot to give out the cards they had made (idiots) so will probably get it tomorrow now.
I also had some lovely choccies,flowers and a mini fondue set, so we've been sat here melting chocolate and dunking marshmallows in it yum yum (very healthy breakfast I know LOL)

Lana woke up last night, her cough woke her up.I settled her back down,usually she would be kicking off by now but nothing,she closed her eyes and went straight back to sleep :-D The doctor did say to try her every few days without the medicine so tonight shes not having any,going to see if she will sleep without waking,I'm at work tonight so Keith will have to sort her out if she does wake up.

Gotta go and retrieve the things that Isla has chucked down the loo, so far this morning she has chucked pens,batteries,cardboard from the loo roll and a Postman Pat sticker pad down it.
We all need to remember......




Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day! I had the best present :o) My baby girl home from hospital - shall update my blog this week with the story.

Lol at Isla chucking things down the toilet!


Nat said...

lol! Love the way that you're trying her without meds when YOU'RE not gonna be around pmsl!! Don't blame ya! Hope she was ok afterall xxx

Nat said...

My word verification for that pot was "rctum".

Small minds and all that, but it made me laff anyway!! xxxx