Friday, 11 April 2008

TGI Friday!!!

So glad that its Friday and that the weekend is here and its gonna be an even better weekend as I haven't got to go into work whoo hoo!!!

Went to The Range today and managed to pick up one of the Papermania carry tote, the one that attachs to the wheeled tote,only trouble is its the purple one and I really wanted the brown one,they don't stock the brown one only the brown wheeled tote, doesn't make sense does it???
I have a AMM tote but can't stand it, everytime I put something in it I can never find it again,so Lana has nabbed it off me and is parading round the front room filling it with crap LOL
Just need to get the new one filled ready for my local crop tomorrow, don't even know what I'm taking yet *roll eyes*

Did this layout a few weeks ago but didn't get the chance to scan it since my laptop decided to go wrong,still waiting for it to come back.While I'm waiting for it to come back we've set up the big computer again and connected the scanner/printer to it so at least I can scan things while I wait for my precious laptop to come back home to me.
Just one of Isla and what she gets up to at the grand old age of 2 :-D....

Just in case you can't see it, it reads..

Love stripping your clothes off.
Shout 'mum' constantly
Love wearing Lanas shoes
Love raisins,bananas and cups of tea
Hold your nose and point to your nappy when its dirty
Give a wicked thumbs up
Love sitting in your dolls pushchair and being pushed around in it

Really need to add that shes got a thing about going cross eyed at the moment.


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Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

You sure do know how to turn out some stunning layouts :) And snap ... I picked up the papermania tote too LOL ... only mines pink (of course).