Tuesday, 13 May 2008


From the Scrapajack retreat....
What can I say apart from it was FAB!!!
Beautiful hotel with lovely food and comfy beds :-D, a great bunch of people,some I've met before, others it was the first time I've met them and they were all great.

It was that bloody good I've booked to go on the next one in October :-)

I even came second in the 'how many layouts' challenge and won a family day out to Cadbury World which pleased Lana no end.
I managed 9 layouts, I'm sure I could of done more (LOL) but I spent too much time outside posing for photos and laughing out loud with these bunch of loons....

From L to R - Mary, Annie and Rachel pretending to be 'Charlies Angels'.
Annie, next time I'm taking some Tena Lady just in case, I haven't laughed so much in bloody ages.

I'll upload layouts I did over the weekend once I've scanned them onto lappy



Taniwha said...

I miss you!

Annie said...

I miss everyone!!!