Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Running around here like a headless chicken,trying to get everything sorted for the retreat,can't believe its tomorrow (where has this year gone?)
Jobs for today include.....

Food shop so the mob don't go hungry.
Sorting out the kids clothes cos Keith is bloody clueless about what top matches what bottoms
Finish getting my stash sorted,I thought I had done this last week but I need to chuck a few more things in my tote.
Pack my clothes,once I've dug them out of the wardrobe and ironed a few bits.
The dreaded housework.

Right away to finish my coffee then make a start.

Have a great weekend,hopefully the weather will stay blumin' gorgeous :-D



Anonymous said...

see you there BSIL!! xx

Anonymous said...

soz, thats me, Jak, by the way, couldnt be bothered logging in LOL